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  • The new single "Formula Of A Sequence" will be available Friday December 11th, and you can save it on Spotify here.
  • BZ was nominated for the Independent Music Awards! Infinite Point was nominated for two awards: Best Dance/Electronic Album for "Infinite Point", Best Dance/Electronica Producer, and Best Pop Producer for my work with Monica Pasqual. Monica won for Best AC Album. Here is a link to the online Press release.
  • The ALBUM Infinite Point is officially released! Get it while you can at Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, or stream it at Spotify! I prefer BandCamp- the audio is a better.
  • The Indiegogo fundraiser was a huge success, and the album is now available. A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated!
  • Previous albums can be found here.
  • BZ has on a gazillion awards, including 6 Emmys.
  • Book by BZ now available in stores. Get your copy of "How to Survive Owning a Recording Studio" here.

BZ Discography

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Infinite Point


BZ 2.0

Dark Days


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Infinite Point

  • From the Album
    "Infinite Point".


  • From the Album
    "BZ 2.0".

Look Out Now

  • From the Album "Unobtainium".


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