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  • The Dolby Atmos™ release of "Infinite Point" is available on iTunes, Amazon HD, and Tidal.
  • The BZ Merch store is now open!
  • The new single Even Function (the stereo version for now...) is available everywhere.
  • BZ was nominated for the Independent Music Awards! BZ was nominated for two awards: Best Dance/Electronic Album for "Infinite Point", Best Dance/Electronica Producer, and Best Pop Producer for his work with Monica Pasqual. Monica won for Best AC Album. Here is a link to the Online Press Release:
  • BZ was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition 2021!
  • BZ was a Just Plain Folks Album Award Nominee for 2020 for Unobtainium and BZ 2.0.
  • Previous albums can be found here.
  • BZ has on a gazillion awards, including 6 Emmys. 3 Telly Awards, A Communicator Award, and a bazillion nominations for other honors.
  • BZ's book "How to Survive Owning a Recording Studio" is available here.

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Infinite Point

The Dolby Atmos™ version of "Infinite Point" is available on iTunes, Amazon HD, and Tidal. Sorry, but it's currently NOT available on BandCamp. Learn more about streaming Dolby Atmos™ by clicking the button below. If you want to purchase an Atmos download version of "Infinite Point", send me an email:

Infinite Point


BZ 2.0

Dark Days



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Infinite Point


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