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Six time Emmy Award winning Producer at Studio 132

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"We were pleased right from the start. BZ was prompt in all email exchanges, open to help with project planning and professional in all ways. And most importantly, the songs we had mixed there sound great. He really listened to our music and did what was right for us as a band and for each specific song. Seriously.. .awesome." Adam Beverly International pop star

Recent News

  • New Book!

    Available at <a href= target=new>iTunes</a> and <a href= target=new>Kindle</a>. Paperback edition available at <a href= target=new></a> and <a href= target=new>Barnes and Nobles</a>. For the latest news, Click <a href=blog.html>here</a>
  • 2nd Telly Award

    We just won our 2nd Telly Award! Click <a href= target=new>here</a> to see it at For the latest news, Click <a href=blog.html>here</a>
  • Solar Power

    We’ve gone Green! The Studio is fully Solar powered. We generate enough power from our solar panels that we have extra to sell back to PG&E for all the daytime sessions. Thanks SunRun! For more news, Click <a href=blog.html>here</a>
  • Pro Tools HDX

    We use the absolute best that Pro Tools has to offer. It's the highest of the high end for audio editing and recording. For the latest news, Click <a href=blog.html>here</a>

Enjoy the Video Google produced about Studio 132:

I was extremely Lucky that google wanted to do a video for me here at the studio. Cool!

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