A Bit of History of BZ and Studio 132…

BZ Lewis grew up in his father's home studio in a small town in west Texas. BZ remembers being 7 years old and duplicating tapes for his father's daily radio program 'The Sound of Texas', spooling 1/4 inch tapes on an Ampex reel to reel machine. It wasn't long before the studio/music bug crept into his life. About the same time, he started playing piano and later developed a love for guitar. He attended an audio engineering school in Texas and received his B.A. in music with an emphasis on classical guitar from the University of Texas at Austin where he was honored as one of the best guitarists in the state of Texas by Texas Beat Magazine.

He set out for California in '93 to work on a film that launched his career, and in '96 he started recording bands out of his home. The following year he moved the studio to it's current location in Oakland, CA, where he has been the main engineer for fifeteen years. B.Z. Lewis began STUDIO 132 in June of 1996, recording demos for singer/songwriters in a suburb of San Francisco. The current Oakland recording studio location, which broke ground in 2007, was designed from the ground up with the help of Chips Davis, (Lucasfilm's Skywalker Ranch) and tuned by Bob Hodas.

Studio 132 is committed to the highest quality possible regardless of the size of the project. We specialize in getting the best performances from our musicians, singers, and VO artists for a dynamic performance, whatever the medium. Our philosophy is that when you come to us for help, we won't stop until we get the best possible results if they will let us. Our staff engineers and producers pool their resources to meet the client's needs.

Our music composition and sound design credit list is massive! Platinum selling video games, national ad campaigns, and scores of independent films are just some of the highlights. We have one of the largest sound effects libraries in the Bay Area, and all the sounds are organized and searchable for incredibly fast access. We're also beginning to explore surround sound- we can currently create and author 5.1 DVD's, but we're looking forward to the future in terms of what Dolby Atmos can bring to the mix.


We're located in the scenic hills of Oakland (Montclair) Ca. Click here for a map with driving directions.

Who We Are

  • BZ Lewis

    B.Z. is a six time Emmy Award winner, a voting member of the Grammys, a BMI member writer and publisher, and is enjoying a publishing deal with Media Creature Music and a bit with BOK music in L.A.
  • Marc Senasac

    Marc is currently employed at SONY creating and mixing music for some of the best game experiences in the industry.
  • Camden Stoddard

    Camden is a fantastic engineer in that not only does he know his way around the board, but he also sings, plays guitar, and as a producer he knows what it's like being on either side of the glass. Currently, Camden is employed at Doublefine.