The Overview

Studio 132 offers a full range of professional recording and film post services from dialogue recording and voice-over, audio noise cleaning, recording singer songwriters and bands of all genres, producing, mastering, sound design, duplication services with our DISC MAKERS Partner program, MP3 creation and maximizing, music composition, music licensing through our license partner Media Creature Music, and working with our in-house mentor Monica Pasqual. Basically, we can take your music to the next level.


We can record a full 6 piece live band, a small string section, live drums, voice-over, singer-songwriters with acoustic guitar and vocal, small jazz ensembles - you name it.

  • Full band basics
  • Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
  • Voice Over
  • Live Drum Recording
  • Four Discrete headphone Mixes
  • "Line of sight" setup for musicians


The next step is mixing, and with 192 available tracks, tons of plugins and outboard gear coupled with massive amounts of midi control, there's no limit to what we can do. Working with a caring producer can make or break a recording. A good producer can pull a performance from an artist they never knew they had, can work with an artist to create a song from just a few ideas, and arrange a song to make it more powerful.

Have you maxed out your home recording system? Bring us the individual tracks and we can make it sound like it was recorded with care by our professional staff the entire step of the way with our exclusive "THEMIXPACK" process! Trying to figure out why your song isn't quite working? Let the producers at the studio take your song to the next level!

  • 192 Audio Tracks
  • Virtually Unlimited Midi Tracks
  • Tons of Outboard Gear
  • Award Winning Production
  • Get Your Best Performance


The final step of recording is mastering. Many artists who have recorded at other studios - or even at home - will bring their songs into Studio 132 for their final mastering check before they go to a duplication house. We can make your recording sound as loud as anything commercially available, enhance the stereo field, feature certain instruments in the mix, ensure the level and tonal balance is consistent from song to song, and provide the duplication facility with a subcodes sheet. We can also create competitive sounding MP3's for your FaceBook or other networking websites!

  • Sound as Loud as commercial releases
  • Provide subcode sheet for a duplication house
  • MP3 Conversion
  • Create a tonal balance from song to song

Sound Design

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Sound design is an important aspect of any film, TV, video game, smart phone, or presentation. Check out our credit list for platinum-selling game titles, TV and films we've composed. Our Sound Design Library is massive! We also create sounds when a library element just won't do.

Music Composition


Studio 132 also specializes in original music composition through the studio's sister company, PopTuna. PopTuna's team of writers and musicians have 11 Emmys, Tellys, credits on all the major networks, many independent films, platinum selling video game titles, regional and national ad campaigns, and scores of documentary films.