Emmys and other Notable Achievements

Enjoy these videos that won Emmys. That's right- these videos won Emmys, and the music was written, mixed, and mastered at Studio 132 by BZ Lewis, with the help of Monica Pasqual on many of these award winning videos. When you work with someone who has won an Emmy, you are confident that the person you've chosen to work with has won such a prestigious award. But could it be a fluke that the project they happened to work on won something so special? That's how I felt for the entire year following my first Emmy win, and I wondered if it would ever happen again. That is- until my next project won an Emmy. After winning my second award, I was assured that winning was no fluke- it was no accident. Now that I have won my 6th Emmy, you can be absolutely sure you're getting one of the best in the business.

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Consumer Watch Volunteers

Promotion-News Promo-Single Spot 2012

Consumer Spot

Promotion-News Promo-Campaign 2011

KBCW Image 2010

Promotion-Program-Campaign 2011

KBCW image 2009

Promotion-Program-Campaign 2010

Eye on the Bay

Promotion- Program- Single Spot 2009

KBCW Image 2008

Promotion- Program- Campaign 2009


Redefining Toughness

This commercial for CeRam Kote won our first Telly Award.

The Spring

This documentary produced by Tumbleweed Smith won our second Telly Award. It also won a Communicator Award

Independent Music Awards

Independent Music Awards


Monica Pasqual, Sara Lovell, Josh McClain and I went to New York to accept awards for our work on 3 different albums. Turns out we won 5 awards that night at the Independent Music Awards.


Awards/certifications for BZ Lewis: