More awards!


Monica Pasqual, Sara Lovell, Josh McClain and I went to New York to accept awards for our work on 3 different albums. Turns out we won 5 awards that night at the Independent Music Awards.

New Book!


BZ Lewis just wrote the book on being an engineer! It’s called “Take 232 Always a Charm- How to Survive Owning a Recording Studio.” It’s available on iTunes! The book is also available on Amazon Kindle, Nook, and a paperback version is available on

Solar Power

We’ve gone Green! The Studio just went Solar! We generate enough power from our solar panels that we have extra to sell back to PG&E for all the daytime sessions. Thanks SunRun!

Pro Tols HDX

We just updated to Pro Tools Ultimate with the new HDX Card. We’re all powerful now, no one can stop us. We’re also maintaining a separate Pro Tools Version 9 set-up for all of our previous clients.

Other News