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Shipping We rely on Internet delivery for almost all delivery. For an extra fee, we'll ship the finished products on CDR media, flash drive, or hard drive.

Hard drive space I can generally leave your work "lying around" on my hard drives for two weeks. After that, I need to clear it out to make room for other projects. The best thing to do is to bring in your own hard drive for the session, and I can make a back-up copy to leave here. This serves two functions: (1) it allows you to have multiple copies of your data at two locations- which is important in case there's some emergency at one location. For example, if something like a flood or a fire occurs that can wipe out a drive at one location, there's still another drive at the second location. (2) It allows you to have control over your data. If you need to take your material to another studio- who knows, I could be on vacation, and a TV show needs it yesterday- then you will have the data and not have to miss any opportunity that comes your way because you can't get to your data.