Reviews of Studio 132:

"BZ BZ BZ! Wow!!!
What a nice feeling to be totally blown away like the first time I heard "Desert Rose". Your work on "Come on in" was absolutely amazing!!! The clarity, tastefulness, and polish of the draft much exceeded my expectations. Really, I feel we are so very fortunate to have been connected to you by Bruce. It is really wonderful to know that true artists can exist in the music world. I really admire your drive for excellence. It shows in all your work.
I realize now that your artistic choices for "No Control" made a lot of sense. That song has never sounded as put together and electro dancey as you have helped in guiding it to be. You are definitely a pro at what you do, and you have made us extremely happy! Really, a million thank you's would not be enough.
I think Kevin is going to send you an email about a few minor adjustments, but I wanted to reach out to you personally and let you know how very appreciative I am of your work on these two tracks. We have two more songs to go to complete our "No Control" EP. We also have a 2nd EP entitled "Modern Souls" which I hope you will work on as well.
Really, thanks so much! These tracks were so good, made me want to cry."

-Julie Vo

"From start to finish, the warm atmosphere and BZ's mastery of his craft make the recording and mixing experience truly alchemic!"

-Gregg Plummer

"Oh, how I miss living near Studio 132! Every session there is totally productive and rewarding. B.Z. is a wizard, both technically and artistically. All the checklist items in terms of environment, acoustics, gear, software, plugins, etc. are there, but perhaps most importantly, B.Z. got me to come out of my shell and really perform. We both got excited and it showed in the process. I never thought I'd like my voice, but B.Z.'s approach gave me confidence. That makes all the difference."

-Jance Allen

"Great vibe - great sense of know how by BZ! I can not think of a time where I asked and got a 'No' for an answer which is very important for me and 2020 Music! Studio 133 is HIGHLY recommended!"

-MD 2020

"BZ Lewis at Studio 132 is a master in all aspects of audio recording. He's fast and technically astounding, and he brings out the best in each artist. On top of that, he's an amazing guitarist!"

-Cate Larsen

"You can see BZ's expertise as an engineer just in the remarkable speed with which he works the boards and dozens of audio programs at his fingertips. He also uses his excellent musical ear and musicianship to coax out the best takes possible and then fine-tune the details. Just when you think you have a great recording laid down, he goes beyond what you hear and suggests new effects and other "magic tricks" that push the song to a new level even better than you imagined. His hip, light-hearted personality makes the session no just productive, but relaxed and loads of fun."

-Dan Von Hoyel

"You would be mistaken to think that Studio 132 is all about complex software and fancy microphones. This studio has a soul and his name is BZ Lewis. I had BZ mix the sound for my documentary feature. Being a first time filmmaker the sound was not exactly stellar. That is until BZ was finished with it. If I ever get lucky enough to do any future films, I know where I'll end up. At 132!"

-Gregg Plummer

"From start to finish, the warm atmosphere and BZ's mastery of his craft make the recording and mixing experience truly alchemic!"

-Gene Brockhoff

"We were pleased right from the start. Our project was done entirely over the interenet. I never even "spoke" with anyone at Studio 132. Studio 132 was prompt in all email exchanges, open to help with project planning and professional in all ways. And most importantly, the songs we had mixed there sound great. They really listened to our music and did what was right for us as a band and for each specific song. Seriously.. .awesome."

-Adam Beverly